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Charge & Spark

Charge & Spark

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An electrifying robot duel !

The year is 2083, in the town of Neo-Cyber-Setagaya. Humanity has long since disappeared, and the planet is now populated by androids. You have in your hands the latest board game to come out of this alternative future: a real-time strategic battle fought by robots. Give your robot orders by playing your basic cards (Lightning, Counter, Move, etc.) to try and win. The aim is simple: to become the ultimate robot!

Designer : Yusei Kozu & Koryo Akiyama

Artist : Minori Saito


EAN : 3760399890015
Size box : 18x13x4 cm
Weight : 0,2kg
Games per box (BtoB) : 12


16 cards
26 tokens
1 board game
1 rulebook (FR)

Find the rules of the game on the Musoka Studio website.

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