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Available on May 27, 2024

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Disover Haniwa, the ancestral funerary sculptures of Japan ! 

In the kofun period, during a festival in honour of the gōzoku, two haniwa sculptors compete to see who is the most talented. When it is their turn, each sculptor (in this case, each player) offers their most beautiful haniwa (in this case, a haniwa tile) to one of the four gōzoku chiefs present at the festival.

The players each have an area of the field and will have to get the highest score on the columns in order to be the gōzoku's favourite. At the same time, they will try to accumulate an exact score of 8 on these rows in order to get the bonus linked to the dogū, alien-looking statues.

Several game modes available, including a single-player mode!

Designer : Akira Yasunaga (Be-Lumber)

Artist : OBOtto, Yukashi


EAN : 3760399890046
Size box : 18x13x4 cm
Weight : 0,4kg
Games per box (BtoB) : 12


52 tiles
4 dice
2 rulebooks (FR/EN)
2 Solo rules sheets (FR/EN)
2 Variant rules sheets (FR/EN)
2 Summary cards (FR/EN)

Find the rules of the game on the Musoka Studio website.

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