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Wok and Roll

Wok and Roll

Available on October 4, 2024

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Fast to cook, Great to eat 

In this modern Asian dice game, you and your fellow players are developing menus to become the best zi char (Singaporean for Chinese restaurant) eatery in town.

Every turn, the active player rolls all 6 dice, determining which to keep. Once locked in, all the other players have the chance to use only the ingredients on the 4 white dice to cook their dishes.

There are lots of ways to score points, including keeping an eye out for special abilities as well as chaining combos to maximize your points. But above all, don't waste your ingredients!

Wok and Roll comes with two menus, Simple and Expert, so there's lots of different ways to play.

Designer : Daryl Chow

Artist : Launshae


EAN : 3760399890121
Size box : 16x16x5 cm
Weight : 0,4kg
Games per box (BtoB) : 12


5 Menu boards
1 Dice wok-tray
5 Dry-erasable markers
6 Dice (4 white, 2 red)
8 House special tiles
1 Rulebook (FR)
1 Solo diner rule sheet

Find the rules of the game on the Musoka Studio website.

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